Adorable Baby Gets Ride of Her Life When Dog Pulls Her 10,000 MPH on a Sled (VIDEO)

baby dog snowHey! You! Do you like snow? How about sleds? What about dogs? And babies in pink snowsuits -- do you like those, too? If so, do I have a treat for you. Here's an adorable, too-cute-for-words clip of a Jack Russell terrier pulling a baby on a sled through the exotic frozen tundra that is their neighborhood after a blizzard.

I mean, come on. If you hate this, you're made of charcoal and you frighten me. Brrrr.




The video is a couple years old, but NO MATTER! It's still cute as ever. Happy holidays!

What's the most fun thing you do with your kids in the snow?


Photo via chevboy427/YouTube

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