Kids' Christmas Show Goes Horribly, Adorably Wrong (VIDEO)

Christmas PageantWhat do get when you put a bunch of little kids up on stage and ask them to sing and perform Christmas carols for a roomful of people? Chaos, typically. Adorable, unpredictable chaos. No matter how many dress rehearsals you have, there's just no telling what they'll do up there, which is the beauty of these things.

Take this video from RCCM Daycare. It was filmed awhile back but has just started going viral recently. The kids are charged with singing "The 12 Days of Christmas". Each has a number he or she is to hold up at the appropriate time, but what happens next isn't exactly that. Watch after the jump ... and smile. 



Number seven is hilariously frustrated with his incompetent colleagues. The fact that they're out of order doesn't help. I love how the audience cheers when number seven gets it right. But they're all adorable.

My daughter's first-ever Christmas pageant is tonight at her preschool. As excited as she is (I think I've heard each song she's singing 852 million times), I'm even more so. These are what we live for as parents, right?

Not because they're perfectly executed productions, but because they're our kids up there, singing their hearts out. And no matter how it all goes, it's adorable, and delicious, and a memory we'll cherish forever.

Do you have any funny stories from your kids' performances?


Image via YouTube

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