Harley-Riding Tattooed Mom Honors Family With All Her Ink (VIDEO)

tattoo mom harleyDon't you love when there is a stereotype and then along comes someone who smashes it to bits? I sure do, and that's why I love Diane, a single mom of two daughters who has a leg full of gorgeous tattoos, all with very special meaning.

Diane is also a motorcycle-riding mama -- she works at a Harley-Davidson dealership and is also a teacher there, giving courses to people who want to learn how to ride. She's been riding on two wheels for 10 years, but it wasn't until she turned 43 that she got her first tattoo. Let's learn more about Diane's story on CafeMom Studios' first episode of "Tattoo Moms."


I love how Diane says that people are often shocked when they learn she has all that ink, but none of that fazes her. The way she approaches life is really admirable. She was in a cubicle for 26 years and realized she needed to make some changes in this life. "Don't sweat the small stuff," she says. Seriously, we shouldn't. So someone has tattoos and you don't like tattoos. Why go out of your way to make that person feel bad? Don't like them? Just don't get them yourself. And while some may see Diane's tattoos and think they are just fairies and dragons and owls, each of those pieces means something to her. I especially love the fairies -- they are for her daughters and capture their personality.

Her very first tattoo was to honor her parents who passed away when she was pregnant with one of her daughters. It's a beautiful heart with the words Mom and Dad. She was 43 years young when she got her first ink, and she's been adding to her leg ever since. I just love moms with tattoos.

Beautiful ink, Diane! Be sure to stay tuned for future episodes of "Tattoo Moms"!

Do you have tattoos? Do you agree with Diane and think we shouldn't sweat the small stuff?

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