Watch Grocery Shopping Moms Hilariously Behave Like the Infamous 'Honey Badger' (VIDEO)

Remember about a year ago when the honey badger video was getting circulated all over? And how hard you laughed and immediately started calling your kids honey badgers?

Well, now the people at CafeMom Studios are giving the honey badger treatment to us. That's right, moms, in our natural habitats. Randall (brilliant narrator of the honey badger video) is watching you for his new show Moms in the Wild.

And of course, the first video deals with one of the situations that will bring out the honey badger in any shopping with kids.


I will go to great lengths to avoid having to take both my kids to the grocery store, including shopping late at night after they're in bed.  Going with just one of them is actually pretty fun...we chat, eat samples, choose new foods to try....but both? Oh hell no. They create a bad behavior vortex that draws the judgy eyes of judgement, and it's approximately a bajillion times more stress than it's worth.

That's my only major issue with this video: none of the moms loses their composure completely. The worst any one of them does...well, I'll let you watch the video, but chances are excellent you've done it or something like it. Perhaps it was one of those happy days when they're handing out wine samples so everyone was chill?


What's your worst supermarket story?


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Image via CafeMom Studios.


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