10 Parents Who Did Amazing Things for Their Kids in 2012

sharksEvery day we see examples of terrible parenting decisions that cause us to shudder and shake our fists in rage. From abuse to just plain stupidity we point plenty of fingers at the world's worst parents, but the fact is there are plenty of amazing ones too.

In fact most parents are "good" ones, but there are also some that shoot to the top of the heap with their heroic feats. They are the ones who have fearlessly fought for their children or otherwise gone to great lengths to protect their children and show their love. They're the ones we look at and hope we would do what they've done if we were in their situation ... while at the same time hoping we never have to really find out. Here are 10 stories of the most amazing parents of 2012 in no particular order.


1. Amazing Mom Pulls Daughter Right Out Of Bloodthirsty Shark’s Mouth!

Valeh Levy literally reached into the water and saved her daughter from death's jaws. I mean seriously, she deserves mother of the year for this right?

2.  Incredibly Dedicated Triathlete Dad Takes Disabled Daughter Along for the Ride

Rick van Beek's 13-year-old daughter Maddy will never be able to do one herself so he did it with her.

3 . Mom & Dad Save 12-Year-Old Son's Life by Each Donating a Lung

When their son was dying of Cystic Fibrosis, these parents gave hugely of themselves to help him live a better life.

4. Incredible Dad Battled Gunmen While Fiance & Newborn Hid in a Closet

Jeremy Reed acted like a real-life superhero when burglars invaded his home. He attacked them and drove them out of his house and kept his wife and baby safe.

5. Amazing Mom Without Lower Body Makes the Rest of Us Look Like Wimps

The story and struggles of Rose Siggins whose legs and hips were amputated when she was 2 puts our day-to-day parenting struggles into perspective.

6. Mom Poses as Her Daughter for 'Date' & Nabs Facebook Pervert in the Act

This mom didn't just prevent her daughter from harm, she nabbed the creep and prevented him from hurting others.

7. Mom Saves Bus Full of Kids After Terrifying Event

When Albuquerque mom, Rhonda Carlsen, saw that her daughter's bus driver was having a seizure she chased it down, hopped on board, and potentially saved all of the kids on the bus from a major crash.

8. Brave Mom Loses Legs Protecting Her Kids From Deadly Tornado

When a tornado ripped through her town, Stephanie Decker threw herself on top of her children to protect them. Though she lost her legs in the process she kept them safe.

9. Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Grandchild to Give Her Daughter the Gift of Motherhood

When Angie Stockton's daughter couldn't carry a baby to term herself, she stepped in to do it for her. What a gift.

10. Brave Mom of Autumn Pasquale’s Accused Killers Turned Her Own Sons In

Talk about a heartbreaking decision to make, but it was the right one a mother made after seeing a comment on her sons' Facebook pages that implicated them in Autumn's murder. 

 What heroic parents would you add to this list?


Image via USFWS/Flickr

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