5 Adorable Things That Happened When Kids Went to the Zoo in 2012 (VIDEOS)

boy and beaverAnimals and small children are each adorable and squee-worthy enough on their own, but put them together, and the potential for cuteness is off the charts. They're both so innocent and unpredictable, and they often seem to have a special connection when the two meet.

Take the boy in this short video who seems to be some sort of beaver whisperer when he visits the zoo. He waves at the beaver, then the beaver actually waves back. Again and again as mom laughs in the background. Check it out after the jump.


Adorable right? I think that zoo should give the boy a job.

Here are four more of my favorite kids at the zoo videos from the year, starting with this priceless one of this brave little girl standing up to a lion. Thank goodness for that glass!

Here's another one from the zoo in which a lion wanted to do more than wave at a little guy dressed in a zebra costume. Yikes!

This boy gets some hands-on action and goes into serial goat hugger action.

And finally (though I could go on and on), I love this one of this little girl playing tag with an otter at the zoo. It's so sweet, and it's going to make you want to get to your local zoo stat.


What are the best videos of kids and animals you've seen?


Image via YouTube

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