Kids Going Sugar-Crazy for the Holidays -- SO CUTE When They’re Not Yours (PHOTOS)

Tracey Clark | Dec 17, 2012 Being a Mom
Kids Going Sugar-Crazy for the Holidays -- SO CUTE When They’re Not Yours (PHOTOS)

Photo by Jessica Fuselier

It starts with Halloween and doesn't end until the New Year begins: the onslaught of sugar. I know it well, as I am as affected by it as my children are (if not more so). So, what's a mom to do when we live in a society that celebrates every good thing in life with a sweet treat? Should we fight it? Can we fight it?

I love the way mom, photographer, and sister of mine Jessica Fuselier captures her daughter (my adorable niece) when her holiday sugar intake is at full throttle. I can't imagine there are many mothers out there who can't relate. I'm just glad someone is talking about it and, for that matter, documenting both the sweetness and the absurdity of it all! It makes me feel that much less alone as the holiday season of sugar has got its choke hold on me and my kids until life settles down after Christmas and the New Year's resolutions kick in.

Jessica in Wonderland
"The Season of Sugar" in Jessica's own words:

"If you asked me what the holiday season means to me, I would say spending time with loved ones, the birth of Jesus, the spirit of giving, peace on Earth, and goodwill towards men. If you ask my 5-year-old, she would say one thing, SWEETS. But how can I blame her when this time of year seems to be sprinkled in sugar, frosted with frosting, and dipped in chocolate?

It seems like every time I turn around, my daughter is eating a candy cane, decorating a cookie, or trying to lick the frosting off a gingerbread house. It's near impossible for me to find a photo of her from October through December that doesn't involve her holding a treat of some sort. Please tell me I am not the only one with a holiday sugar junkie on my hands. Truth be told, the candy apple doesn't fall far from the tree; just the other day I had salted caramels for breakfast. When I get frustrated and vent to my husband about what terrible parents we are allowing her to consume massive amounts of sugar, he laughs and reminds me of the bright side, 'Well, at least she doesn't like chocolate.'

Here's wishing you the sweetest of holiday seasons!"

How do handle sugar mania and kids during the holidays?

Jessica Fuselier lives in Los Angeles, aka Fresh Angeles, with her husband, four kids (some by marriage) and a chihuahua. She loves all things Disney, and she's got a blog to prove it: Disney Sisters.

Images via Jessica Fuselier

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