My Kid Can't Give Me a Lame Christmas Gift This Year

kid Christmas giftThey crop up every year: gift fairs filled with #1 Mom necklaces that will turn your neck an unsightly shade of green and World's Best Dad mugs mass-produced in China. Every year there's an attempt to make money by convincing our kids that the way to make Christmas sweet for Mom and Dad is to beg us for our hard-earned cash and blow it on worthless trinkets. And this year, this mom has put her foot down.

My daughter brought home the "holiday fair" flyer, and I dropped it right in the recycling bin. Sorry, I don't want a crappy pre-packaged "Mom gift" from my kid for Christmas.

That's right, I said it.


I don't want a Christmas gift my daughter bought from someone trying to use her good heart to make some money. Because my little girl has a heart as big as the Empire State Building. I can see it in the notes she likes to write for her father and me almost daily, notes she leaves on our pillows at night and drops on our laps while we're watching TV. She tells us she loves us in detail in those notes.

Those notes mean the world to me. For Christmas, I'd love a handful of them.

In fact, I'd love anything that comes straight from her heart, even a necklace that turns my neck green. I'd like it, that is, if she came about the decision to buy me said necklace on her own, with no prompting, no one dangling it in front of her face with a suggestion that THIS is what you need to get your Mommy because THIS is what the holidays are all about.

Hey, I get it, Christmas has officially become a commercial holiday, and as long as Santa Claus exists, it always will be. Most of these gift fairs are even run by non-profits trying to fundraise. But I'd rather write a check to the non-profit and tell them to shelve the gift fair. 

My daughter already makes my holidays special just by being her. And if she really wants to do something for me, I'll take one of the notes she loves to write anyway, the notes I hang in pride of place on the fridge. They might not make someone money, but they're truly from the heart.

Do your kids get sucked into trying to buy you one of those pre-packaged mom gifts?


Image via Kalexanderson/Flickr

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