Cutest Kids Ever Hilariously Predict Classic Movie Plots Based on the Titles

Ericka Sóuter | Dec 12, 2012 Being a Mom

kid panel

Kids have an opinion on everything, whether it's on your outfit or what you've made for dinner. Just the other day, my husband and I were headed out for a date night and my son overheard me say we planned to see Skyfall. He turned to me and asked in all seriousness, "Why are you going to watch the sky fall?" It's a legitimate question for a 4-year-old. But it got me wondering about what our little ones think our favorite films are actually about? Well, get ready to find out. We put together the cutest kid panel of "movie experts" you will ever see. Meet (clockwise) Samara, 5, Jasper, 8, Nolan, 9, and Ryan, 6. Check out their unfiltered take on what these 11 famous movie titles should mean!

  • Black Swan


    "Swans who got mixed up in an oil spill."

    -Nolan, 6

    "Someone who dresses up as a swan and goes around passing out flyers in the park to a show called The Black Swan."

    -Jasper, 8

  • Cinderella Man


    "A guy who dresses up like a girl."

    -Nolan, 9

    "Cinderella dances with the prince."

    -Samara, 5

    "A guy wearing Cinderella's dress."

    -Ryan, 6


  • Goodfellas


    "The good fellas get hit by bad fellas."

    -Samara, 5

  • Rain Man


    "About a man that's made out of water."

    -Nolan, 6

    "A documentary about rain and germs."

    -Jasper, 8


  • Forrest Gump


    "A forest that is really yucky and it's haunted with a gump monster and it's really sticky and it farts a lot."

    -Ryan, 6

  • Gone With the Wind


    "Someone who took a ride on the wind to a dark land of badness."

    -Ryan, 6

    "A storm comes and then the wind, and a boy gets blown away."

    -Samara, 5

  • 12 Angry Men


    "Twelve people who are really angry because someone pulled their pants down in the middle of school."

    -Ryan, 6

  • 12 Monkeys


    "A zookeeper who has trouble dealing with 12 monkeys."

    -Jasper, 8


  • Pretty Woman


    "About a woman who's really pretty. She's got pretty lipstick, a pretty dress, and she's nothing but pretty."

    -Ryan, 6

  • You've Got Mail


    "A supercomputer that some genius, genius, genius guy invents. And then he thinks it's going to be great for the world and make him rich and famous. But then the computer gets big and tries to take over the world. And Superman has to come and save it."

    -Jasper, 8

  • The Green Mile


    "Golf people who go on adventures playing golf and get lost in the woods and then come back and play more golf."

    -Jasper, 8

    "About people running on grass for a mile."

    -Nolan, 9