Toddler Gives Must-See Street Opera Performance From Her Stroller (VIDEO)

Toddler singing in polandToddlers do just about the cutest things. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've seen them go on adorable strolls with their dogs and caught them in some of the cutest sleeping positions. To be real, though, nothing melts my heart more than when a kid belts out a few high notes. Like this toddler in Poland, for example.

Just another day for this little cutie, singing on the streets. While we may not know her relationship to her singing counterpart, there's no way you can't say that this is too cute for words. Sure, I feel a little weird about the fact that she's out there bundled in a stroller in the cold helping make a quick buck, but it seems like she's enjoying herself.

Who am I kidding? She's totally having a blast! Check out this aww-worthy duet, here:


You know what's the craziest part? Is that the little girl is like ... pretty much on key! If she's this good now, I can only imagine what will happen to the little opera singer a few years from now! 

Is this not the most adorable thing you've seen all day?


Image via Kamil Litwinowicz/YouTube

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