My Out of Town Guests Will NOT be Sleeping in My Kid's Room

Should you make your child move rooms for out of town guests?With the holidays around the corner, we're gearing up for visits from our close relatives, who make the trek down to our neck of the woods every year.

Fortunately for us, we've got plenty of room, so they can camp out in the basement or our guest room without disturbing my own kids. But I know not everyone has as much room as we do. And I can tell you this, if we didn't, you can bet my out of town guests wouldn't be sleeping in my kids' rooms.


I'm all for showing hospitality to my family, even friends, and it's certainly good for my own kids to see that we do what we can to help out those we love, but I worked too darn hard to get my kids to actually sleep in their rooms to move them for an adult who should be able to sleep just about anywhere.

I'm more than happy to get them a blow-up mattress, or an extra blanket or two for the couch, but when it comes to sleep, if my kids don't get it, then I don't get it, and this makes me very unhappy.

But let's be honest here, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Because as much as we think we know Grandmom and Grandpa, what about Uncle Bill or Cousin Michelle who we haven't seen in years? We teach our kids to not talk to strangers and yet, we're willing to say that "2nd cousin twice-removed I'm not sure how he's related to you actually" will be sleeping with them in their bedroom.

Sorry, that just doesn't fly.

We never assume that we'll be able to stay with our own families when we go and visit them. Not just because we have four children and that's a bit challenging for anyone to accommodate, but also because we don't want to put anyone out, whether it's just us, or our entire family of six.

So as much as we're willing to do what we can for friends and family, if it means that we've got to risk our kids' sleep or safety, I'll happily direct them to the closest hotel and call it a night. I'd prefer to keep the "Happy" in my "Happy Holidays!" thank you very much.

Would you move your kids to accommodate out of town adult holiday guests?

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