A Toddler & His Dog Take the Sweetest Walk You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

dog and toddlerThere are plenty of cute kid videos out there, but this one comes with an extra special dose of Awwwwww. It's one of my favorites I've seen in a long time, and it's just the boost you might need if your week has started off a little less than stellar.

In it you see a little boy, probably about 2, walking his dog on a leash. That alone is cute enough, but when the boy sees a puddle and feels its irresistible draw, it's what the dog does as the boy splashes back and forth in the water that will just turn you into one big puddle. Watch it after the jump.


Oh, I want that dog. I love how he just seems so resigned to his job. He doesn't look all that put out nor does he try to rush the boy along. He just waits for him to have his fun, and when the fun is done, he's ready to go on.

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I think of all the puddles my toddler daughter jumps in and tries to jump in, and how different my response is from this dog's. I'm constantly nagging her to stop, or complaining how she just splashed me, or how she's ruining her shoes, or how we're in a hurry and need to go NOW! I think I could learn something from this dog, because sometimes we just need to stand by and let silly carefree moments like this happen. 

Do your kids have a special relationship with your pet?


Image via YouTube

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