Teenage Boys Are Truly Terrifying to Most Moms (VIDEO)

Confession time: I am terrified of the teen years with my son. Although I know my daughter and I are likely to have lots of slammed doors and screaming (let's just say the drama queen gene did not come from her father), I have next to no experience with teen boys and they are kind of scary to me.

So it's hard for me wrap my head around the idea that this sweet, adorable little punkin who loves his mama almost as much as he does his toy excavator will soon be taller than me and think I'm pretty annoying. Thank goodness I have Daphne Brodgon to tell me How to Be A Mom....or not.


In this latest episode, she takes us through a bunch of scenes with her teenage stepson. The funniest part is that while she's telling us what to do, each interaction with the kid plays out with hilarious awkwardness in real life. He starts talking about his girlfriend, she and her husband have a fight about why, exactly, her husband wants a picture of her; he confesses his dream for his college major, she bursts out laughing.

All I know is, parenting a teen has got to be tough, and parenting a teen boy has to be even worse for a lot of us moms. Watch what not to do below, and then give us your teen-parenting tips in the comments.

How do you deal with parenting teens?

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