'Running Errands With My Mom' Rap Makes Hanging With Mom Seem Almost Cool (VIDEO)

Running Errands With My MomIs your teenager miserable when you're out running errands? The type of kid who takes control of the radio, whines a bunch about wanting to be somewhere else, and generally makes you wish you'd just adopted a puppy a decade and a half ago and been done with it? Then the "Running Errands With My Mom" rap is for you! 

Produced by Cartoon Network and featuring an actual teenager, this hilarious video is proof positive that your kids don't have to be miserable twerps just because you've got them riding shotgun in a (cue kid's shame face) minivan. Behold:


As they said on the Today show, "If only every teenager was this excited to hang with Mom!"

I have a teenage babysitter who voluntarily spends time with me (really, even time when I'm NOT paying her!), and I'll admit it's a bit of a rush when it hits you that a kid has chosen spending time with you over their friends. You feel almost ... cool. Even if you're doing something boring like taking the car into the shop.

Truthfully, you can't blame kids for being a little ... put out ... that they have to go along with you to hit the bank or the supermarket. I am in my 30s, and I don't especially enjoy running most errands. I'd much rather be cuddled up in my jammies on my couch reading a good book. Taking them along on errands is one of those moments when you get to introduce them to some of the sucky things that await them in adulthood.

But if I had a companion who actually wanted to hang with me when I got the oil changed and the tires rotated, I might actually enjoy it too ... maybe. At least I wouldn't feel so darn old!

Do your kids make running errands even more miserable? How do you fight the fights?


Image via CartoonNetwork/YouTube

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