Being Your Kid's Friend Is One of the Worst Mistakes You Can Make (VIDEO)

mad lifeGrowing up as the only child of a single mother, I felt like my mom was more of a best friend than an actual parent. Later I blamed my mom for giving me what I wanted instead of what I needed. But now that I'm a single mom myself, I realize it's a lot harder to be an authority figure than a BFF. Especially after a divorce. That's when CafeMom co-founder Andrew Shue found himself falling into best bud mode with his three boys. On the latest episode of the new CafeMom Studios' series Mad Life, Shue talks about his post-divorce struggles with guilt and loneliness and how he started spending all his time with his kids, "staying up late and watching Yankee games" and having fun and generally being more of a pal than a parent. Having been there, on both sides, I can most definitely relate.  


So I know how important it is for "best friend" parents like Shue to have "authority figure" parents around as reminders to stay strong. Shue's mother-in-law Joan Robach (mom of two) and comedian pal Chuck Nice (father of two) are perfect examples: "It's okay if your kids don't like you," said Robach. Love and respect are more important. Or in other words, don't worry about saying "no," worry about what kind of people they'll grow up to be if they never hear it.

Check out the clip for more tips:

Helpful advice, right? Particularly for pushovers like me. I especially liked hearing Shue talk about how he transitioned his kids back to being his kids instead of his friends (there's hope for all of us!).

Are you a best-friend or a best-parent?


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