Adorable Must-See View of Pregnancy in 1,000 Photos (VIDEO)

All right, Internet, pencils down. The most charming video in the category of Time-Lapse Pregnancy Documentation has officially been created, and the blue ribbon goes to new father Tomer Grencel and his gorgeous wife Osher. Grencel used 1,000 separate photos in order to string together a video that covers Osher's entire pregnancy from start to finish, and the final product is ridiculously awesome.

I'm sure you've seen this sort of stop-motion pregnancy-happening-at-the-speed-of-light video before, since they've become increasingly popular in recent years, but Grencel's effort really goes above and beyond. While many videos focus on the ever-growing bump, Grencel's clip also includes plenty of the little moments that make up a pregnancy -- including morning sickness and cravings.

Seriously, it's so tender and cute and I got all choked up watching it. Check it out:


Okay, I don't know about you but I HAVE SOMETHING IN MY EYE.

I love how he covered the barfy stage -- without actually showing anything gross, of course -- and her cravings for Nutella. And how cute was the pram rolling by with the dog?

Grencel used 1,000 images to capture everything from their wedding photos to the introduction of their newborn daughter Emma, and says it took a month of editing to get the video together afterwards. While the video is up to over 900,000 views on YouTube, he says it was originally intended only as a fun clip to show friends and family:

In some of the days before taking the photo, Osher told me, ‘I don’t want to take the photo today, I look bad!’ And my answer was, ‘Come on, honey. You look great, and no one will see it anyway.’

She does look great, and they look incredibly happy together. I don't miss much about the actual experience of being pregnant, but I'll always remember the amazing feeling of anticipation and wonder which is so gorgeously captured in the Grencels' clip. Watching it brings me right back there (even though I didn't look quite as stunning as Ms. Osher), and for that I'm grateful they decided to share it with the world.

What do you think of this video?

Image via YouTube

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