The Magic & Adventure of Raising Boys Captured Beautifully on Film (PHOTOS)

Tracey Clark | Dec 3, 2012 Being a Mom

by Meredith Winn

Being a mom to girls, I don’t have the first idea of what it’s like to raise boys. Of course, I always imagine it loud, raucous, and wild. Whenever I see images from photographer Meredith Winn, I discover that it is an adventure indeed but this mama has a way of showing the gentler face of the wild card. In today's series, Meredith captures her boys through an imaginative, whimsical and adventurous lens that makes me almost wish there were a boy under my roof.

Meredith Winn & the boys
"Imagination" in Meredith's own words:

"Days are short at this time of year in New England. Three adventurous boys trail blaze the path ahead. We chase the sun and soak up its rays to last us through winter. Imaginations run wild, leading us into a land of make believe. This is where we become more than what we are."

Meredith Winn is a freelance writer and photographer. She calls the western Maine foothills home, where she lives off-grid in a yurt with her sweetheart and a trio of boys (ages 7, 8, 9). You can find her blogging at the~spirit~of~the~river

Images via Meredith Winn

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