20 Things I Want to Thank My Mom For This Thanksgiving

Mom and daughterThanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. The turkey, the cozy sweaters, the tasty pies, the yummy holiday scents, and ahhh, the next-day Black Friday rush. So often, though, it's easy to forget one of the things that the holiday's really about: Giving thanks.

Yeah I'm thankful for having a steady job, my health, living within walking distance of T.J. Maxx and Bed Bath and Beyond, and all that jazz. But you wanna know something I'm really thankful for? My mom.

Mom -- I know we don't live together anymore. I know we're both busy, we don't get to talk as often as we used to, and that I don't tell you I love you nearly often enough. In honor of the holiday for giving thanks, today I want to share with the world 20 things I want to thank you for


Mom, thank you:

20. For worrying about me no matter how old I get: I may think I have all the answers, but I don't. The reality is that I don't think there's ever going to be a time I stop needing you.

19. For being a SUPER smart shopper: I'm sorry for getting frustrated with you when you wouldn't buy me the REAL Uggs back in high school. Really, though, I get my bargainista habits from you, and I wouldn't rather it any other way. My bank account thanks you, too.

18. For passing along your great brown hair: Sorry I tried to dye it back at summer camp. I promise I'll never attempt "blonde" highlights ever again.

17. For not killing me the time I cut off all that hair: I'll never forget the shriek you gave when I walked down the stairs back in my pre-kindergarten days with a headband on trying to pretend I didn't just cut off my Shirley Temple curls. Thankfully, they've grown back. And I didn't lose my hearing. 

16. For being so cautious: I let out a little sigh every time it snows knowing how worried it makes you to drive in the bad conditions. Really, though, I'd rather you were overly concerned than not at all.

15. For buying that little house by the water: I know you always wanted an ocean view. I'm happy that you're happy there.

14. That you got that nursing degree: I honestly don't know what I would do without my 24-hour personal nursing hot line. Even though I think I scare you half the time by telling you about a random ache in my right pinky finger.

13. For that Costco membership: Toilet paper is expensive here in New York City. And although I refuse to bring it back in that massive wire cart you swear "everyone" has for fear of looking like a 92-year-old, I'm grateful for your offering. And Costco's free samples.

12. For telling me I can always come home: Even though I may not want to.

11. For asking about the men in my life even though I may be embarrassed to tell you: It's not that I don't want you to know, it's that I'm scared something will go wrong at some point and I don't want you to see me disappointed.

10. For supporting me through everything: I know watching me run half marathons is sort of boring. But it means a lot to me every time you come, even if you do miss the end. It's OK, there's always next time.

9. For being my forever diet partner: It's got to be hard watching your daughter struggle with her weight. I would have never lost the weight I did without your constant love and support.

8. For staying here for me: I know it's not easy that your parents and sister live on the west coast and we're over here. Thank you for staying close to me, it means more than you know.

7. For hovering over me when I cook: I may seem annoyed, but deep down inside, I really just want to show you I can cook as well as you do without any help.

6. For letting me make my own mistakes: I don't always make the best decisions. Thank you for letting me learn things for myself.

5. For being such a stickler for customer service: Yeah, sometimes I may make fun of you for writing such heartfelt, serious letters to every company that doesn't provide you the best service. Really, though, that department store that delivered your couch three weeks late deserved a piece of your mind.

4. For never doing this. But seriously.

3. For allowing me to drive your car: I don't think Dad will ever give up control. But you? I love you for it. Especially now that we're getting rid of mine.

2. For thinking even the horrible pictures of me are good ones: I still hate that awful picture you have of me running as your Facebook cover. I know, though, it's because you're proud of me and that's why I let it slide.

1. For being my mom.

What are you thankful for this year?


Image via Emily Abbate

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