How to Take Stress Out of Your Morning Routine

For the most part, I don't miss my pre-kids life at all, except for one thing: the morning routine. I could get up, nod at my husband in a friendly manner (we're not morning people), have an entire cup of coffee while it was still hot, and still be at work on time.

Not so much these is a mad dash from the time my eyes open until the youngest is packed off to preschool.

I need help! Fortunately for me (and you), here it is:


I can relate to a lot of this, but DID YOU NOTICE?! In the midst of all this chaos while the mom trying to do a million things at once, her husband sits, calmly reading the newspaper. SERIOUSLY?? How does he get away with this?

We have a well-honed, divide-and-conquer routine in my house: He gets our daughter to school and leaves earlier, while I get my son to school and leave later, so we each deal with one kid. He does breakfast, I do outfits, which are laid out the night before, and we pack lunches the night before too. Those two things right there bring down the morning chaos level tremendously...that and the fact my husband does not sit there like a bump on a log while I run around like a maniac.

What's your morning routine like? How do you handle the stress?

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