Mom Confession: I Miss My Husband So I Sleep With My 5-Year-Old (VIDEO)

Every mom has, at one time or another, ended up with a kid or three in her bed. Nightmares, thunderstorms, or those inexplicable sleep problems that crop up and then go away as quickly as they came can all be to blame.

But that's your kids coming to you for comfort....what about expecting the same from them? That seems to be the deal with this mom who crawls into her 5-year-old son's bed every night after he's asleep. She says she knows it's probably bad for him, but she needs the comfort.


I'm going to quote Dr. Phil here: A child can't come into the world with a job. She's the mom; she should be comforting her child, not expecting him to comfort her. That is a heavy burden for a little kid to carry. I don't think she's creepy, but I do feel bad for her that she's never learned to sleep alone.

I think she should get a's a warm, living, breathing creature, and I find it very comforting to realize my cat is curled up by my feet or next to my pillow. Or, for goodness' sake, she should talk to her husband about how much she hates being alone at night and see if he can switch to a different shift. And I do think a little therapy to help her work through her anxieties, so she feels safe sleeping alone, might be helpful.

What do you think: sad, creepy, or no big deal?

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