Sweet Photos of Siblings Kissing Warm a Mom's Heart (PHOTOS)

Kids kissingThere is probably nothing cuter in the world than two little kids kissing. Whether they are brother and sister or best friends or just met, affection + kids = massive cute overload!

Of course, kids probably spend more time doing uncute things like hitting, screaming, throwing tantrums, and sticking out their tongues, so when they do something sweet, having that camera ready is a must.

Here are 8 adorably beautiful toddlers and pre-schoolers showing mad affection for one another. Aw. After you look at this, you will be a lot more likely to forgive your 4-year-old for sneaking that fun-size Snickers. Or maybe that's just me.

See below:

  • Booooring!


    Image via Leonid Mamchenkov/Flickr


    These two look pretty unhappy to kiss. You know their mom was all, "Kiss! So cute!" and they were all: "Dude, think we'll get a cookie for this? I am not sure how long I can hold this pose and look adorable here."

  • Thin Line Between Love & Hate


    This LOOKS cute, but she is actually squeezing his wrist and threatening his life. Seriously. I was there. But that won't stop me from framing it in black and white and pretending like it was love. Mom's prerogative.

  • Kissing Secret


    Image via dotcompals/Flickr

    Awww. The cute. It's KILLING me. It's like these kids are saying: "I'll tell you a secret ... PSYCH! I'll kiss your ear!" He's all stealth and adorable.

  • Protection Kiss


    Image via kainr/Flickr


    This is the sweet, protective big brother kiss. I just love it. It's like: "Don't worry about a thing baby sis. I got this."

  • Adorable Baby Kiss


    Image via MikeCrane83/Flickr


    This little baby seems AWFULLY happy to be getting a kiss from an older woman. Sure, it's probably his sister, which makes it even cuter, but hey! An older woman is still an older woman.


  • Wedding Kiss


    Image via aurostar739/Flickr

    Siblings can be SO cute when they want to be. I suspect this little girl wants something, though. That's a total "gimme" kiss, no?

  • Crushing Kiss


    Image via ~Shari/Flickr

    This baby is not quite sure what to make of this kiss. AGH! Does she love me or want to crush my brain? I can't tell!

  • Pure Love


    Image via hashmil/Flickr

    This is just pure love. Nothing snarky to say. This is why people have more than one child. Sigh.

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