Adorable Kids Saying Grace Will Have You Dying of Laughter (VIDEOS)

kids saying graceAnything you can do, kids can do cuter. Case in point: This OMG/LOL/aww-worthy collection of videos of kids saying grace. Grace normally isn't a stifling-a-laugh kind of event, but when these kids say it -- well, you get where I'm going here. Just watch.

Here are five videos of adorable kids saying grace. I dare you not to chuckle.





"Amen, dig in!"

Hey, sometimes it's hard to be serious.

These kids clearly have a lot to be thankful for.

Seriously, anything kids do after they've had a bath is cute.

And now for my personal favorite ...

In case you didn't catch that, he said: "Thank you all dis food -- AMEN!"

And this one's just 'cause. "Dear Tiny Jesus ..."

How cute are these kids?


Image via bobbinmaxwell/YouTube

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