4-Year-Old 'Bronco Bama' Fan Is Happy Election Is Over (VIDEO)


Not long ago, 4-year-old Abigael Evans became a viral sensation after expressing her tear-filled exasperation over the seemingly endless campaign. "I'm tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney," she cried.

The tears are all gone, but in an equally priceless new video, the Colorado tot shares how she feels about the election results. It's too cute to pass up.


When she gets the news that the race is over, her face lights up like it is Christmas morning. "Guess what? The election is over," her mom Elizabeth tells her. Then the little girl excitedly asks, "Who is going to be our president?" The mom starts to say, "Bronco," and Abigael is so psyched she finishes the answer for her: "Bama! Yeah!" She then throws in a Jersey Shore-type fist pump. It's beyond adorable. 

Think Abigael really cares who won or is she just excited about no more boring election talk?

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