Would You Share Your Baby Bump With Complete Strangers?

baby bumpHave you noticed how these days, with social media being the norm, it seems like we get a play by play of every woman we follows pregnancy? Even if the mom herself is not all “Look at me," people feel it’s their duty and right to see and touch her stomach. I was never down with the you can touch my stomach. I’m not a big fan of attention being called to my stomach. I’ve spent a lot of time being overweight and my stomach is the last place I want people putting their attention, ever.

All that being said, I did take baby bump photos because I wanted to keep a record for myself and I also shared them with my mom and sisters, close friends because I was excited and we lived about 12 hours from everyone we ever knew at the time, so it was a way to share the experience with people who loved us. Mind you, this was before the Facebook and Twitter boom.


Now, everyone wants to see your bump. Show us the bump! It is your obligation as the holder of the burgeoning belly to post a photo so that everyone can live vicariously through your pregnancy. I call bullshit on that. Of course no one should expect you to raise your shirt and snap a photo, no more than they should expect to be able to walk over to you and rub your belly, like you’re some sort of with child Buddha granting wishes like a magic lamp.

But as far as women choosing to share their bump, I don’t think there is a damn thing wrong with it.

I think it is individual choice and if people want to share, why not? If you don’t want to see, hide the expectant mommy on your timeline until the pregnancy is over.

Many people use FB as a way to keep in touch with family who they don’t live with ( like I did with email back in the olden days circa 2004). My sister doesn’t live near me and when she was pregnant last year, I felt like I was there because she shared photos with me often on Facebook. She texted me questions the entire pregnancy and on the day of delivery, I walked her through labor and delivery from my home. I was her labor coach via texting and facetime.

Social media brought us together when miles kept us apart. Baby bump status updates are only creepy to those who don’t want to see it and I say, turn the channel. When I was first pregnant in 2004, I didn’t know anything about mom blogs or follow any of them but I did follow baby center and the bump and participated in the boards and comparing my first time bump to other mothers gave me security that I was progressing normally.

Go on girls, show us those baby bumps if you want to and if you don’t that’s perfectly okay too.

Did you post photos of your baby bump?

Image via Flickr/ Schwangerschaft

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