Does Pinterest Fuel the Mommy Wars?

craftsThis article on Pinterest is seriously cutting into my time on Pinterest. I keep checking my pin boards, you know, for research, and get all distracted by the amazing things I could be crafting, or new styles in which I could fashion my hair.

Then I remember that hot glue and curling irons burn me, and oh yeah, I have this thing I’m supposed to be writing. Sometimes I suffer from ADOS -- Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny! 


In between checking my very important emails, scanning Twitter, and trying not to get sucked down the Pinterest rabbit hole, I came across this video parody of a “Pintervention.” In it, Amanda is confronted by her family for her obsessively excessive use of mason jars, smoky eye makeup, and yarn.

The whole thing got me thinking about how hard we try to be the perfect mothers/wives/sisters/daughters/friends/females, and how this whole social media world has turned the window of mommyhood into a magnifying glass.

If you do a neat craft with your kids, but don’t pin the results for the Internet to see, did it actually happen?

Then I remembered this conversation I overheard recently, during which a guy made a smart alec remark about a particular chick dressing up for him. Another female said, “Oh honey, you think we dress up for you? We dress up for other women.”

Admit it or not, you know there’s a hint of truth to that.

So back to this craft thing … do we do crafts with our kids, make home cooked meals, and pull off killer holiday decorations because we like doing that stuff for our families, or because we like showing off that we can and do do it?

One more question: Does it matter the reason we do it, so long as it gets done, our families are happy, and we feel fulfilled? I don’t think children will care that the main motivation behind Mommy’s desire to create green monster pudding cups or melted snowman cookies was to impress other moms. They just know that their mom is awesome.

For us moms, I think that whatever spurs us to do more fun things with and for our families is a good thing. Long live Pinterest.

What do you think? Is Pinterest a check in to ‘pro’ or ‘con’ column of motherhood?

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