Nicole Westbrook’s 'It’s Thanksgiving' Rivals Rebecca Black’s 'Friday' for Corniest Song of All Time (VIDEO)

Nicole Westbook Remember the insanity that was "Friday" by Rebecca Black? The bullies were out in full force, calling the teenager all sorts of wretched names. Well today, holy wow am I praying hard for Nicole Westbrook. The pint-sized songstress' song "It's Thanksgiving" has made its YouTube debut, and to say it rivals Black's chart-topper is an understatement.

In it, she's so wholesome! She looks absolutely adorable! And holy wow -- she knows how to cook a turkey perfectly before she can drive?! Talk about a superior upbringing. 

Check out "It's Thanksgiving" and all of its corniness, here:


I can just imagine how much of a blast Nicole probably had putting this whole thing together. She got to make a faux Turkey Day dinner, which in itself is awesome, then use a drumstick as a microphone (I bet her hands were a mess), and AH! -- hang out with a slightly creepy rapper and invite him to her Thanksgiving festivities wearing a turkey costume! Totally. Rad.

In all seriousness, though, I just hope people take this video for what it is. This isn't Nicole trying to be the next Britney Spears. This is a girl who was given an opportunity to have some fun with her friends and make a "pop song." Here's to hoping she's got the heart and the confidence to come out on the other end, just like Ms. Black.

What do you think of Nicole Westbook's "It's Thanksgiving" video?


Image via patomuzic/YouTube

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