8 Precious Thanksgiving Babies Will Make You Truly Grateful (PHOTOS)

thanksgiving babyThanksgiving is a great holiday ... for grown-ups. It's all about the food and the family togetherness and the food. Ah. But for babies, especially those who aren't yet eating solids, it can be pretty anti-climactic.

Nevertheless, a baby at the Thanksgiving table is reason enough to be thankful a million times over, and few things are more adorable and cozy than baby's first Thanksgiving.

With that in mind, here are eight babies celebrating their first Thanksgiving by mowing solids, smearing their faces with food, dressing like some sort of fowl (chicken, turkey, whatevs!), and generally bringing great joy to the table. See below:

  • Thankful for Mommy


    Image via eggrole/Flickr

    How sweet is this little guy? Love his bib, too. Everyone is thankful for the baby, but what about the mommy? This little guy says it all! He knows where the goods are.

  • Sleepy Baby Giving Thanks


    Image via theogeo/Flickr


    This baby already knows what the holiday is ALL about -- sleeping and football! Bring them both on!

  • Consider Chicken Instead?


    Submitted photo

    This baby couldn't find a turkey suit, so she logically dressed as a chicken. Perfect Thanksgiving!

  • Neglected Baby Number Two




    This baby (confession: he's mine) is a second baby, which means he is in the background while everyone takes photos and eats dinner. Sigh. In my defense, he was only 2 months and couldn't yet eat solids! Also, he came to the table later. At least I think he did.

  • Babby


    Submitted photo


    This baby isn't quite sure what to make of the bounty. Hmmm ... let me just stick my hand in THIS!

  • Sleepy Thanksgiving


    Image via Caitlinator/Flickr

    This baby is grateful and knows the true meaning of the day. He is appreciating the day in the way only a baby can. Lucky him. Next year he is TOTALLY in charge of the mashed potatoes.

  • It's All About the Turkey!


    Image via Visual Artist Frank Bonilla/Flickr

    What? Is there something weird about my shirt? Isn't it ALL about the turkey?

  • Baby Looking for Real Food


    Image via rezsox/Flickr

    This baby is all: Meh. Turkey's got nothing on THESE. Plus he's dressed for the occasion. Pretty festive, indeed!

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