Soldier Surprising Daughters at Football Game Will Have Your Eyes Watering From 'Allergies' (VIDEO)

military homecomingIf you'd be so kind, I'd like you to think back to when you were a teenager. Or if you have a teenager, just think. When you were in the throes of high school, and texting, and members of the opposite sex, your parents really weren't your first priority. And hugging them in front of basically your entire school, and crying into their shirts, probably wasn't something you were super keen on. Unless your father was in the National Guard, and had been deployed in Afghanistan for 11 months, and surprised you at a football game. Then, all bets are off.


Sgt. Major John Randau has been deployed with the 115th ESB Alabama Army National Guard, stationed out of Florence, Alabama for the last year. And, sadly, he's had to leave his four children, Elizabeth, 17, Lilly, 13, Reagan, 8, and Alex, 18, under the care of his family and friends. A few weeks ago, though, Sgt. Randau had a special treat for his daughters. He surprised Elizabeth and Lilly, who stood with their mother, on the football field during Senior Night at the girls' school. As you might suspect, no hesitation to hug dad in front of a crowd here.

If you're in the mood to have your heart swell three times its size, please enjoy this incredibly moving military homecoming video. And a prize goes to you if your eyes don't suddenly become watery from "allergies."

How sweet is this? Has your loved one ever surprised you?


Image via TheBobjohnson1984/YouTube

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