9 Over-the-Top Awesome Reactions Kids Have to Opening Holiday Gifts (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | Nov 28, 2012 Being a Mom

kid Christmas giftsA few years ago there was a viral video going 'round the web called "Present Face," a hilarious how-to on making the best face when you get a crappy holiday gift. But let's face it, y'all. We don't need comedy duo Garfunkel & Oates to show us how to react when we're ripping off the wrapping paper. Every year our kids have the most over-the-top, insane reactions to the stuff Santa has dropped off.

Sometimes they're sweet. Sometimes they're just darn bratty. But they're pretty much always hilarious. Think your kid has the best present face ever? We've got some competition for them!

These kids definitely let the world know what they were thinking -- it's plastered all over their faces!

Can your kid top these? Which one is your favorite?


Image via TerryJohnston/Flickr

  • Oh ... My ... Skateboards!!


    Image via Sandra Deckelman


    Hmm, was Cody happy with these skateboards? It's so hard to tell!


  • I Think I Know What This Is!


    Image via Lee Ann Hubbert

    Something tells us Thomas knows what's hiding in there!


  • What Do You MEAN You Use Your Hands?


    Image via Kentrina Kimball

    Come on, he couldn't wait to get in there, what was he supposed to use? Oh ... right.


  • Holy Giant Truck, Batman!


    Image by Jeanne Sager


    It's a ... happy little girl!


  • Someone Is Not Happy


    Image via April Peveteaux

    Best way to wipe that smile off their face? Whip out a camera to catch the moment.

  • And That's Just the Card


    Image by Jeanne Sager


    Imagine what she's like when she gets to the actual presents!


  • Now THAT's What You Call a Surprise


    Image via Megan Eggleton


    Surprise = unlocked!


  • All This for ME?


    Image via Roger Sinasohn

    Just a widdle baby with a whole lot of awesome.


  • Justin Bieber Does This to Us Too


    Image via Katelyn Horton

    It's the Biebs! Quick, hide yo' kids!


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