Mom Confession: I Sent My Kid to School With Head Lice! (VIDEO)

coffee shop confessionsI can honestly say that I try really, really hard not to be judgmental when it comes to parenting and the choices other moms make -- hey, I'm far from perfect as a mother, so who am I to say what's right or wrong?

But I have to admit I am completely and utterly horrified by the secret divulged on this episode of CafeMom Studio's Coffee Shop Confessions. HORRIFIED. Not necessarily because I can't understand why this mom did what she did, but, well ... head lice give me the CREEPS!!!


Really, I totally get that this mother was having a crazy week and a hectic morning and she didn't realize her kid had lice until a minute before they were going to leave for school AND the mom had an appointment at a salon right after drop-off ... but we're not talking about a stuffy nose here, we're talking about head lice! I would be SOOOO mad if my kid got lice from that mom's kid and I found out it was all because she didn't want to miss an appointment at the salon.

The Coffee Shop moms were similarity horrified, as you'll see when you watch this clip ... ugh.

Would you send your kid to school with head lice?

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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