Super Sad 4-Year-Old Just Wants the Presidential Election to Be Over NOW! (VIDEO)

Sad Toddler Bronco BamaAll right, raise of hands: who’s tired of the election? If your hand is up in the air, you’re in very good company. A 4-year-old named Abby in Colorado has had enough of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, thankyouverymuch. Or as the little girl whose video tirade against politics has gone viral says, “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney.

The adorable little sweetie (seriously, kids who are crying are a lot cuter when it isn’t your kid who is having a meltdown, right?) was caught on camera by her confused mom who just could not figure out how turning on NPR in the car had turned on the tears. And I can’t decide if I’d rather reach through the computer screen and give her a hug or lie down and throw a fit with her. Take a look:


Oh honey, I hear you! I’m counting down the days until November 6 myself?! And I confess, I can’t stop talking about it or listening to news about it. In fact, I talk and listen so much that my kid is a lot like Abby.

I only realized the other day just how tuned into the election frenzy my daughter is, and I had a long sit-down talk with her about what’s going on. She knew a lot more than I expected not because anyone told her anything (my first fear), but because she listens to everything that’s going on around her.

If you’re watching the news or listening to radio stations like Abby’s mom or even having a political conversation with other adults while your child is in the room, trust me, they are noticing. You might be surprised just how MUCH they’re noticing … and how much they want it to end. Between the negative campaign ads, and the sometimes heated conversations between the adults they care about, kids can sense the tension. But being kids, they don’t know what’s causing it — they just know that the names Barack Obama and Mitt Romney keep being used. Is it any wonder tots like Abby blame their stress on the candidates?

Have your kids complained about all the political coverage? Are they getting tired of “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney yet?

Image via uGotMey/YouTube

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