Mom Confession: I Walk Around the House Naked All Day (VIDEO)

There's a fine line between making your kids feel being naked is shameful and teaching them to be exhibitionists.

One mom likes to let it all hang out in front of her kids ... in front of everyone. She says she's naked all the time -- while cooking dinner, reading magazines, playing with her son. Just naked, all the time. Every day.

Watch her confession:


Weird right? But her son is 5, below the age it might seem sexual or embarrassing to him, and the mom maintains it's not sexual. But what's really weird is that her 4-year-old niece comes over all the time and she feels no need to cover up in front of her.

Hey, if it's just you and your spouse, clothing is quite optional. But once you have a kid -- especially a child of the opposite sex -- throw on some yoga pants like the rest of us. And if you have someone else's child coming over a lot, you'd better make extra sure their parents are okay with your being naked or there are going to be major fireworks.

Do you let your kids see you naked?

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