The Secret to Dealing With Moms You Hate (VIDEO)

Having kids can be the gateway to a new world of friends....or it can be the portal to social hell. It all depends on the other parents you have to deal with.

Daphne Brogdon  takes this on in her CafeMom Studios show, How to Be a Mom. She talks about the slackers, the judgers, the geographic undesirables, the bores...all annoying mom types who should be familiar to anyone who has desperately tried to find someone fun to hang with at a school field trip or baby group. Check out the video below.


She skipped a few types, though.

What about the gossips, who gleefully trash every other parent and school administrator as soon as their backs are turned? Or the condescenders...the people who never exactly say anything nasty, but make it clear you're not rich, pretty, or buff enough to fit in with them. Or those that make comments like "oh, I could never stay home with my kids, I need to use my brain" (to SAHMs) or "Your kids seem very attached to their NICE!" (to work-for-pay moms).

Getting to know the parents of your kids' friends is really important. The good news is it can allow you to meet people you might otherwise never have talked to....aaaaand that's also the downside. What we all (including Daphne!) need to do is tell our inner high schoolers to shut up and try to see the good in people. That slacker mom? Her kids are probably super independent and capable. The bore just might not be interested in listening to you pick apart everything at the birthday party. And the judgy mom might, possibly, just be trying to make conversation and not know what else to talk about...ok, maybe not.

What kinds of moms do you hate?

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Image via CafeMom Studios.

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