Obama & Romney as Talking Twin Babies Is Best Debate Yet (VIDEO)

toddler twinsIf all of the political madness, accusations, and name calling has your head swimming and temper burning, here's a nice bit of relief. After the last Presidential Debate, the brilliant Jimmy Kimmel put together this hilarious video in which he takes some of the best lines from the foreign policy discussion and makes it appear as if these toddler twins are the ones doing the debating.

Honestly, sometimes it feels like it's children doing the talking when things start getting out of hand anyway, so it's a perfectly hysterical mix. Check it out after the jump.


As Kimmel says, it goes from a lose-lose to a win-win. Totally winning, I say!

While these two featured in the video are a little too young to actually get involved in the debate, it won't likely be long. They start early these days! Today, as I was walking in to drop my 3-year-old off at preschool, two little boys were arguing politics on the playground with one declaring Obama! Obama! over and over while the other one ran away covering his ears. My third grader comes home with all sorts of things his friends say are true about the candidates (Obama golfs more than he works!) and plays "President Four Square" in which the kid in the winning square gets to choose which president they'll be (and makes the loser be the first lady). 

It's hilarious to hear them talk about such big issues (especially with obvious parental influence), but also wonderful that they're taking an interest. Now if only we could provide them with nice, civil, non-name calling examples of political discussion, it would be even better.

Do you love this video? Do your kids talk politics?


Image via YouTube

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