10 Rude Things New Moms Say to In-Laws

baby in bathYesterday, we talked about the rude things in-laws say to new moms. And hot dog, did lots of you have opinions. So today, we decided to flip the script. Side with the in-laws. Because, after all, at the end of the day, the things our in-laws say to us come from a good place. Most of the time.

Here are 10 rude things new moms say to their-laws.


I can't believe you did X back then. I would never do that. Different times, different people. Lord knows what things you're doing now that will shock your daughter-in-law some day.

Let me do it. Fact: Nobody knows your baby like you. But they're just trying to help. And your child will be fine in your mother-in-law's arms for a half hour.

I could have never been a stay-at-home mom like you. Oof, that's going for the jugular.

Are you sorry you went back to work and missed your kids growing up? Possibly even worse.

I can't believe you didn't breastfeed. Now that's just mean. Surely, your MIL did what she thought was best for her kids.

I can't believe you breastfed for that long. Again, different strokes.

Son/Daughter was fine just a minute ago. Sometimes, babies cry when you pass them along to somebody else. And it can get awkward. No need to make the person feel bad about it.

Just gimme her/him. If baby's crying goes on and on, sure, take him or her back. But give your mother/father-in-law a minute -- just think of how excited you'll be to hold your grandchild.

Did you wash your hands? This is one I'm definitely guilty of. Odds are, your in-laws, or anybody for that matter, won't go to grab your baby after they've been playing in a pile of used hypodermic needles. And if they do, never, ever let them hold your kid.

You're doing it wrong. Immortalized in the movie Mr. Mom, and something nobody wants to hear.

Have you ever said anything rude to your in-laws? Share with the class.

Image via Adriano Aurelio Araujo/Flickr

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