My Halloween Prank Backfires: My Kid Was Happy to Try Out a 'Girl' Costume (VIDEO)

Halloween prankIt's Halloween, the time of tricks and treats. On October 31, our little ones will be full of treats, so we decided they should have a little trick, too. This week we are highlighting four prankster moms and their costume tricks.

I play a lot of tricks on my 5-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. I happen to be a bit of a teaser and they know this, which is why my Halloween costume prank was a little hard to pull off. They knew I was joshing them. 

A dry cleaning fireman and a pretty princess? Sure mom! But then they turned the tables on me. My son AGREED to be a pretty girl. And he smiled and danced and actually liked it. So, hey. Mama got punked after all. See below:


Here is the end result:

I am totally proud of my son for being a good sport about this prank. This tells me some day he will follow in my pranking footsteps. I can't wait!

Happy Halloween!

Have you ever had your kids react totally differently than you expected?

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