My Halloween Costume Prank Made My Kid Cry -- Oops! (VIDEO)

It's Halloween, the time of tricks and treats. On October 31, our little ones will be full of treats, so we decided they should have a little trick, too. This week we are highlighting four prankster moms and their costume tricks.

I knew my son would be upset when I punked him with a pretty ballerina/princess costume when he was expecting a badass X-Wing pilot costume. But, I didn't expect so many tears. SO. MANY. TEARS. There goes my mom of the year award.

But, once the tears started to dry and he found out it was all a joke, a pretty amazing thing happened. That costume suddenly didn't look so evil. It might even look nice enough to try on.

Take a watch ...


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Special thanks to our neighbor Leonie for providing the girly garb. And hopefully The Stir will pay for my son's therapy in a few years when his friends find this video.

How would your kids react if you punked them with a "bad" Halloween costume?

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