Halloween Prank: I Convinced My Kid He Should Wear a Marshmallow Costume (VIDEO)

marshmallow costume

It's Halloween, the time of tricks and treats. On October 31, our little ones will be full of treats, so we decided, they should have a little trick, too. This week we are highlighting four prankster moms and their costume tricks.

As far as Halloween costumes for my son go, I'm pretty reliable. Whatever he can dream up I will deliver. Giant M&M? Pirate? Crazy monster that he just made up? You got it, kid!

But what happens when I decide to prank him with one of the laziest, weirdest costumes, ever? This year my guy wants to be Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda. I could make him something spectacular like a friend of mine made last year. OR! I could just hand him a big ol' wad of stuffing from the craft store and tell him he's going as a marshmallow. Here's what happened!


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He was a pretty good sport about it, don't you think? Okay, FINE! Here's his "real" costume as of Sunday. I'm almost done.


I whipped it up yesterday because I am magic -- just like those mice in Cinderella! And I'm still waiting for my Mother of the Year award. Any minute now... aaaany minute.

Have you ever pranked your kids with a fake Halloween costume?


Image via Adriana Velez

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