5 Most Annoying Things Parents Do at Halloween

5 Annoying Things Parents Do at HalloweenEvery year at Halloween, I'm consistently blown away by what some people will let their kids get away with when they trick or treat. Or worse, what they will do to get their hands on some free candy.

So parents, pay attention, and please don't do these annoying things to your kids on Halloween.

  1. Let teens go trick or treating. I'm perfectly fine with teenagers walking around with their younger siblings, even in costume, but keep your hands out of my candy bowl. If your kids are old enough to get a job, then they should be purchasing their own candy and not taking mine.

  2. Drive kids from house to house. Since the houses in our neighborhood are a bit far apart, we'll often take our littlest kids in a wagon. But everyone else gets to walk. If you need to drive your kids from house to house, then they shouldn't be trick or treating in the first place. And if you're too lazy to walk them around yourself, then maybe you need to check your own priorities.

  3. Leave your own neighborhood to trick or treat. I'm all for heading over to a friend's neighborhood to trick or treat, especially since where I grew up, we had no sidewalks and the houses were really far apart, but when you load your kids up in a car and just drive to random neighborhoods where you don't know anyone just so your kids can get more candy, you're being greedy. And you're setting a bad example for your kids.

  4. Let babies collect candy (for you). One of my favorite parts of Halloween is seeing all the tiny babies dressed up in cute costumes, until their parents hold out a trick or treat bag for them. Really? Your baby can't even hold his head up, so I'm pretty sure he's not eating candy. Here's a thought: Buy your own. It'll probably be better than the Smarties I'm going to give to your baby anyway.

  5. Force your kids in a Halloween costume. I know first hand that my kids love to wear costumes and masks in theory, but then when they need to walk around a neighborhood in full garb and start to freak out, I don't force them. I understand that you really want to get the perfect photo opp, but for goodness sakes, if your kid is crying because she doesn't want to wear the mask, let her take it off.


What drives you nuts about Halloween?


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