Dad Captures Every Day of 21-Year-Old Son's Life in Photos (VIDEO)

babyIan McLeod started taking photos of his infant son Cory on a whim. He thought it would be interesting to take a photo a day to document his newborn son’s life. Fast-forward 21 years and he has captured a small lifetime on video.

The video sequence opens gradually, frame after frame captures a tiny baby from the day he was born in Yorkshire, England. Then it races forward and becomes Cory’s life flashing before our eyes through pictures that Ian took of his son, every day of his 21 years. He compiled more than 7,500 images into this six-minute time-lapse sequence video.


I love this video and I know I am not the only parent who saw this and thought to herself, I am taking a photo every day for the rest of my children’s lives. As a parent, it’s so hard to let go. We never want to miss a moment but, sometimes, when we are right in the thick of it, it’s hard to stay focused and not get caught up in the minutia.

When our children are first born, every single thing they do is a miracle, but soon the awe is replaced with obligations, homework, and dance and just trying to survive until the next moment of peace and quiet. But then we miss the chance to be blown away by our children.

I was watching old videos of my girls the other day, from when they were 2 and 4. They are now 5 and 7 and it made me sad because, I don’t remember the sound of their little kid voices. Honestly, I can barely remember the omission of “s” and the soft consonants and that makes me sad. Ian McLeod’s video is that illusive baby book that we never get to. I think I may just do this (from now on) by taking a video of them both every day and making a baby book of photos and sound bites when they are older.

I miss the “Me”s instead of “I”s and the “Shua” instead of “Sure” and I want to cry a little every time my 5-year-old says “ Spoon” because just last year it was “poon” and I miss it. I want to keep it in my heart forever and maybe on audio and video too.

How often do you take photos of your baby?

Image via cloddyclips/YouTube

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