Mom Confession: I Pass Off Store-Bought Muffins as Homemade for the PTA Bake Sale

cupcakeThe PTA Bake Sale gives some moms a whole lotta angst. They feel pressure to participate, but they don't have the time and ... they don't like to (or can't) bake. So rather than not particpate at all, one mom admits she does the unthinkable:


She buys store-bought muffins (which she describes as yummy) and passes them off as her own -- even going so far as to take them out of the packaging and re-wrap them to make them look "cute."

See what she has to say:



It seems like her lie is actually pretty time-consuming. It would actually take less time to either bake herself or just buy the store-bought muffins and tell the truth about them. Even quicker, she could write a check to the PTA or simply make a purchase at the bake sale (since she obviously can't cook herself).

Clearly this isn't about a bake sale, but about a mom trying to look good, a Type A Mom who can't bake but has to be "perfect." Chill out mom! We can't do it all! And if anyone on the PTA or at the school judges you, they're not worth trying to impress.

Have you ever passed store-bought treats off as homemade for a bake sale? Can you understand where this mom is coming from?

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Image via CafeMom Studios/Flickr

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