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11 Baby Halloween Costumes That Creep Us Out

Being a Mom Sheri Reed Oct 4, 2017

baby chucky costume

One of the best parts about Halloween is all the babies in Halloween costumes. They're just so insanely cute in their tiny bumblebee, pumpkin, and cowboy getups, aren't they? And of course, every year, without fail, out come the absolutely creepy and freaky -- and some might even venture to say totally inappropriate -- baby Halloween costumes straight out of our worst nightmares. There are literally hundreds of adorable baby costume options for parents out there, and still, "adorable" just doesn't do it for every mom or dad ... 

Some parents really like to keep costumes horrifyingly Halloween appropriate, even for their infants.  

Horror movie fanatics, for instance, don't stop at baby costumes. Maybe they've been waiting their whole lives to dress up a baby like the murderous Freddy Krueger or the evil, red-haired doll named Chucky. We don't necessarily think it's a bad thing (although many might!), but it certainly can make things extra freaky on Halloween night. 

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We've rounded up 11 extra freaky baby Halloween costumes. We can barely handle these characters in adult sizes -- put a pint sizer in them, and we're completely dunzo. We'll just skip Halloween this year, thanks.

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Read on to see some adorably scary baby Halloween costumes that have us all freaked out!

3Baby Whoopee Cushion

Just stop it, your baby is not a fart joke! But this costume is pretty cute anyway. We really can't stop laughing.

4Zombie Baby

No one wants to see even a drop of blood on a baby outfit ... ever! Well, unless you need a zombie baby to complete your zombie family costume. Maybe then. But it still freaks us out!

5Baby Clown

Um, no clown costumes, thank you. This red-haired baby clown is just a giant forehead and a hungry mouth away from being Pennywise the Clown from It. We can't take it.

6Baby Chucky

Yep, that sure is a teensy tiny Chucky doll costume, and we're pretty darn horrified. But if some parent out there is a true Child's Play fan and can handle this, um, well, hope they take their kid to a different party than we are! 

7Bearded Baby

This woolly baby beard freaks us out. However, we're sure someone's little baby could rock this on Halloween anyway. 

8Hairy Spider Baby

Spiders are bad enough on their own. Add hair and the ability to crawl haphazardly around the house, and we're out of here. This tarantula costume is way too freaky!

9Baby Jack

Although The Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington isn't a super scary guy, this costume might give some people the willies. We kinda love-hate it. 

10Baby Jason

Just think about this ... Who's really lurking at the bottom of that murky Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th -- it's Jason, no, it's baby Jason! Noooo. After seeing this Baby Jason costume, we're never going to sleep in a cabin in the woods again! 

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