The Secret to Getting Dad to Clean Up: Beer (VIDEO)

I'm sure there exists somewhere a house where a box of crayons remains color-coordinated, unbroken and perfectly put together after the first day it's opened. Or the first minute. But I don't know those people; in my house and most of my friends,' coloring time means broken, ground down and dropped crayons everywhere, which are quite a project to clean up even before someone steps on them and grinds them across the hardwood floor.

How fast can one dad scoop them up, and can he put them away neatly


That's the question posed by Lauren O'Quinn in the latest episode of "Mom Vs. Man." While Lauren usually seems to specialize in luring drunk single guys on the prowl into embarrassing themselves, this time she found a couple with kids and challenged dad Jason to pick up as many crayons as he could in 60 seconds. Did he win the round of drinks? See the video below and find out:


What kid mess makes you crazy?

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Image via CafeMom Studios.


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