Celebrating Kids Jumping on the Bed (PHOTOS)

Tracey Clark | Oct 15, 2012 Being a Mom
Celebrating Kids Jumping on the Bed (PHOTOS)

by Stefanie Renee

Although in theory I want to be the mom that allows for plenty of frivolous play, I often get flustered and impatient when my own daughters go off on their playful tangents. Seeing images like these from mom and photographer Stefanie Renee reminds me of how important (and beautiful) it is to allow our kids to be kids; to encourage silly behavior and tender family time. These are precisely the simple yet meaningful moments that matter the most.

Stefanie Renee
"Playtime" in Stefanie's words:

Our Sunday was all about getting some things done around the house and I thought it was going well until I heard fits of laughter from my bedroom. My daughters were supposed to be in their room cleaning up after a week of forts, art projects, and whatnot. I walked in and saw them jumping about on my bed having a grand ol' time with very mischievous smiles!  I have to admit I would have usually told them to stop and shooed them out of my room, but for some reason, this particular day, I had to join in on the fun ... I chose to stand back and watch the happiness. I couldn't resist them with their matching t-shirts, their laughter, the love toward each other, and them being totally surprised that I didn't shoo them out ...

Sometimes we (I) have to choose to stop, have fun and not worry about the other "stuff" ...

Stefanie Renee lives in Northern California with her husband and 2 spirited daughters; Kadison (7) and Penelope (4). Follow Stefanie on Twitter.

Photos via Stefanie Renee

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