Big Sister Gives 2-Year-Old Brother Advice on 'Toughening Up' (VIDEO)

toughen up a littleWhen you are a 2-year-old boy named Gabriel, it's not in your best interest to go around spitting on big boys who could be "10, or 9. Or maybe 8." Good thing Gabriel's got an incredibly pragmatic big sister to warn him against making such grave mistakes. (In a British accent!)

She doesn't hold back, either -- though she dispenses her wisdom with remarkable kindness: "You're nearly 3, you've got to toughen up a bit. When Mum and Dad say don't do that, you don't do that." Well, fair enough.


Big sister has great delivery, too. She even encourages the fine art of self-analysis and contemplative thought in her brother, framing her argument by saying, "Think about it, Gabriel."

Impressive, right? (Love little kids with British accents!)

Do you have a big sister and a little brother at your house? Can you see them doing this?


Image via Lee O'Donoghue/YouTube

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