Twin Toddlers Put Themselves to Bed & Even Their Mom Is Shocked (VIDEO)

twins put themselves to sleep

I've been watching this crazy video of twin toddlers who put themselves to bed over and over again -- because it's pretty damn cute, for one thing. But also because I cannot believe my eyeballs! Two little boys who don't look a bit sleepy run off to their matching cribs, scale the things, plunk themselves in, and go right to sleep with their blankies and bottles. You have to see it to believe it, and even then you might be wondering to yourself if it's all just a stunt.


Right? That never happens! Well, I don't want to say "never" because I'm sure there are toddlers out there who put themselves to bed this enthusiastically. And even though I'm insanely envious of these parents, I'm also happy for them. I can't imagine how challenging it must be to get twins to sleep every night, so good on them. Just for the record, their mom doesn't know how this happened, either. Kids -- always a mystery!

Do your little ones put themselves to sleep like this or do they need more help?


Image via familyfunpack/YouTube

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