Carrying a Toddler in a Sling Is for Martyr Moms Only

ergoCan we talk about "toddler-wearing"? You know, the practice of eschewing the stroller and just carrying that damn kid -- who can walk now -- around with you everywhere in a sling? I just came across this sweet post extolling the virtues of toddler-wearing. "Toddler-wearing is great. Preschooler-wearing can be pretty special, too." OMG, woman! My back aches just reading this nonsense!

And I'll tell you why: I did toddler-wearing, too.


Or I tried, to, anyway. Being the restless mommy that I was, I got around the city a lot when my son was younger. But I got sick of dragging the stroller up and down subway stairs. So a lot of the time I ditched the stroller and toted my son around like I was a mama Kangaroo.

This was no big deal when he was a baby. But the bigger he got the harder my toddler-wearing ways were on my spine. I used this thing called the "Hip Hugger" that was supposed to put most of his weight on my hips. And it kind of worked. Except when it didn't.

I know, "But the ERGO is different!" I don't believe you. I'm sure it's a little bit better, but there is still nothing on the market out there that's going to make carrying around a toddler not feel like carrying around a toddler to your back.

Look, you are a good, virtuous mother for wanting to carry around your kid. You win. Here is your ribbon. But you should know something important: You can be a good mom and be kind to your back. Do what works for you, obviously. But I just hope no one reads that article on toddler-wearing and feels guilty about choosing her back over her 30-pound freeloader. Your lumbar deserves love and respect, too.

At what point did you stop carrying around your child?


Image via Lec/Flickr


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