Yes, Your Baby Is Cute, But No, She Shouldn't Be a Model

babiesI think my baby is cute. And I'm thinking you think yours is, too. And hey, I think yours is cute, and you probably think mine is cute, right? Babies -- well, they're cute. Even when they're not, they are. They're tiny and squishy and pure and innocent. There really is nothing not to like about them. They're, in a word, adorable. But please, don't ask me if your child should be a model.


I'm guessing most of you have seen it. You log on to Facebook, or into your email account, and there it is: "Vote for my baby to be the next Gap/Gerber/You Name It model!" Really? Or maybe your friend has even asked you point blank: Do you think my son/daughter could be a model?

Of course your baby is cute -- like I said, it's nearly impossible to find one who isn't. And I genuinely love all the photos you post of him/her on Facebook -- I even show my family. Aw, look how sweet so-and-so's little one is! But there's something a little ... I don't know ... weird about telling other people, particularly people who have babies of their own, that you think your kid should be a model. Especially since, on some level, all parents probably think their children are beautiful enough to be models.

I'm a subscriber to the "some things should just be left unsaid" belief. And telling the world that you think your offspring is so gorgeous he or she should be in catalogs and on baby food jars is -- well, it's a bit crass. And it's probably better if it's not shared with the world. You may think your baby is the most perfect thing on Earth -- but so does every parent.

Have you ever been asked if you think someone else's child should be a model?


Image via Dan Harrelson/Flickr

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