Dad Makes Coolest Halloween Costume Ever for Son Who Uses a Wheelchair (VIDEO)

Ice Cream Truck CostumeWhen it comes to raising children with special needs, it's the small things that many parents of "typical" children take for granted that can present challenges. Take Halloween costumes, for example. Most of us just want to make sure our toddler daughters don't look like young prostitutes or that our sons don't pick something too terrible or tacky, but others have to consider things like wheelchairs and how well they'll work with a particular look.

One dad recently grabbing hearts on the internet got incredibly creative when it came to a costume for his son, Carter. According to the Huffington Post, Carter has spina bifida, and uses a wheelchair to get around. Last year, his dad came up with this brilliant ice cream truck costume.

With "Buster's Ice Cream" painted on the side, Carter drove it around decked out in a professional looking white uniform. The tinny music playing as he drives just makes it all the more perfect. Check him out in action after the jump.


Wanna bet Carter got more candy than anyone last year?

It's that kind of creativity shown by this dad that can make the difference I think in teaching a child to embrace his or her differences rather than hide them. What a wonderful example they both are. I hope whatever costume they come up with this year goes viral too so we can all see what they do next.

How do you teach your children to embrace the things that make them different?


Image via YouTube

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