8 Precious Babies Flipping the Bird (PHOTOS)

baby fingers
These fingers aren't the bad ones!
Babies are precious little lumps of cute 99.9 percent of the time. But the other 0.01 percent of the time, they are mean little buggers who exist solely to make us want to tear our hair. They also surreptitiously flip us off a lot.

Seriously, have you ever noticed that is like a requirement for all baby books? I challenge you to find a single parent who DOESN'T have the old "baby flipping the bird" photo.

Here are 8 photos of babies doing their best to tell mom and dad to EFF OFF. See below:

Image via chimothy27/Flickr

  • Stealth Bomb


    Image via nayukim/Flickr

    This sunshine in my face is a total buzz kill. Thanks for not putting in one of those cool window shades with Bambi on it so I can be blinded all day, MOM.

  • Ouch! My Finger!


    Submitted photo


    Charlie can bite this!

  • Hey Daddy! Look at This!


    Submitted photo

    Who are you calling short?

  • Don't Effin' Wake Me!


    Submitted photo


    Dang, is it morning already? Do you people not understand the importance of SLEEP here?

  • Not Quite the Bird


    Image via Family O'Abé/Flickr

    I may be quiet up here, but below the waist, you are in for a surprise mommy ...

  • Super Sly Finger


    Image via bardgabbard/Flickr

    Put some clothes on me instead of taking another photo, dammit!

  • Circumcision Sucks!


    Image via andrewandjanny/Flickr

    This is about how much I liked THAT procedure, a-hole!

  • Not So Sweet Sleeper


    Image via Ja-nelle/Flickr

    Get that damn flash out of my face. I am trying to get some zzz's here. You would think YOU of all people would appreciate that, MOM.

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